We have been using Taverner Technical Services since 1999 and we are very happy. The service and support that we get are second to none. TTS recently virtualized a very old server that is critical to our business. Parts for the old server were extremely expensive and hard to come by. We had to keep three copies of the hardware just in case we had problems. Now if there ever was an issue we could completely recover in a few minutes instead of days.

I would recommend Taverner Technical Services to anyone.

Jacob George
Glenbriar Bottled Water Co. Ltd.


I have known and worked with Jack Taverner for more than 20 years. and I’m proud to say Jack was once a valued member of the System Resale team.
Jack is a true professional and is one of the best engineers I have had the pleasure to know and work with.
When Jack started Taverner Technical Services I had no hesitation buying Taverner Technical Tech Check Services. Since purchasing this service I have successfully recommended this service to a few of my own customers.
Tech Check has provided me with an affordable service that provides me with the comfort and assurance of knowing that my IT Infrastructure is protected from intrusion and viruses, and my data is automatically being securely backed up daily, and is easily recoverable in the event of an unpredictable system failure.
I also have the comfort of knowing that Taverner Technical Services are monitoring my IT Infrastructure 24/ 7 and are ready and willing to respond to any threat or situation that could adversely affect our systems and our invaluable data.
If you are considering Taverner Technical Services and have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me directly and I will respond with my honest unbiased opinion.

Harry McMaster
President & CEO
System Resale Solutions