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Tech Check

Starting from $0.40 /day

Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac

  • 24/7 Health Monitoring of Your Computer
  • Allows for Remote Support to Fix Most Problems at a Discounted Rate
  • Asset Tracking of all Hardware and Software in your Computer
  • Keeps your Computer Safe with Automated Software Patches

Tech Check with Antivirus/ Anti-malware

Starting from $0.50 /day

Comprehensive Protection Package

  • Comprehensive Antivirus and Anti-malware Solution
  • Multiple programs included in this suite that will keep you protected automatically
  • Active Protection ensures that your system stays safe
  • Daily security scans
  • Customizable rules and scans

Tech Check with Web Content Protection

Starting from $0.47 /day

Keep your employees safe and productive

  • Keep employees safe from browsing to dangerous or undesirable websites
  • Fully track user’s browsing history
  • Easy to read reporting in your dashboard
  • Customizable rules for users or usage hours
  • See daily totals of how much data has been download per computer or for entire organization
  • Rules can apply per company or per user

Tech Check with Secured Online Backup

Starting from $0.50 /day

Don’t risk losing essential files

  • Secured online storage for your critical files
  • Don’t get caught without a backup plan
  • Backup and restore to different computers
  • For physical and virtual machines

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